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calCPA CPA Foundation Education

CalCPA / CPA Foundation joined the coalition over a decade ago. They're a great member!

California Resources

apple-iconVisit California Resources, our comprehensive list of California-specific financial education programs.

National Jump$tart

js-iconVisit Jump$tart Coalition, our national coalition dedicated to improving financial literacy in our youth.


book-iconVisit Jump$tart Clearinghouse, a repository of personal finance materials for educational use.

About California JumpStart Coalition

The California Jumpstart Coalition is a not-for-profit, volunteer-driven group with hundreds of organizations and individuals representing businesses, government agencies, non-profits and education across the state. Affiliated with the National Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy, we have joined together to improve the personal financial education of California's youth.


Jump$tart Coalition National Educator Conference Scholarship

Are you a teacher who wants learn more about personal finance? CAJ$ is sponsoring 10 classroom teachers to attend the 2016 Jump$tart Coalition National Educator Conference at the Intercontinental Dallas Hotel. The conference takes place November 5-7, 2016. Fill out and submit the California Educator Scholarship Application for a chance to receive $1000 to attend by September 20, 2016!